About Stuart Wood

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Hi, I am Stuart & I have been actively involved with cajons since the mid-1990s when they were first breaking onto the popular music scene.

I am a percussionist & drummer with live & studio experience, who is passionate about cajons.  I have always been fascinated by what makes an instrument sound its best & am well known for my drum tuning skills & my ear for great sounds.

I have run the Waywood Music web site, a free advice site for drummers & percussionists since 1998.

I am also passionate about helping you find the best cajon for your needs, whether it is a model I sell or not.  My customer service consistently scores 5-stars on FreeIndex an independent customer review site.

Although I have chosen to sell Leiva cajons, my advice is independent of brands. I provide honest opinion on what I have learnt over the years of playing these wonderful percussion instruments.

You won’t read lots of self-promotion posts on here: the nearest I get to promotion is genuine verbatim feedback from my customers, taken from an independent customer review site over which I can have no control or input. You hear it straight from those people I help & deal with through my business.

I hope you find what you are looking for here.  Please feel free to send me your questions.  I can be contacted via stuart@waywood.com.

Thanks for visiting & take care